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Why Choose ReviveDRY™?

ReviveDRY™ uses the latest dry clean technology to get your tired carpets looking brand new!

NEW UNIQUE cleaning technology -

Leaves your carpet DRY not wet
Ready to walk on IMMEDIATELY
ORGANIC & SAFE for family & pets
100% satisfaction or MONEY BACK!
Affordable and local

ReviveDRY™ is the new high tech way to get your carpet cleaner than ever!

Safe & Eco-Friendly

The heart of the ReviveDRY™ system is the advanced dry cleaning microsponge technology, which is 100% safe and eco friendly. “Green” living and working is now widely regarded as the only way to live if you value the health of yourself and those around you and the sustainability of the environment.

The long-term health effects of toxic chemicals in cleaning products are becoming more and more widely known.

Consumers are switching to companies like ReviveDRY™ because we use products that are safe, more effective and better for the environment.

Why Dry Carpet Cleaning?

Traditional wet cleaning methods leave detergents and cheap chemical based solvents in your carpet fibres. Steam cleaning can create high levels of humidity which stimulates growth of mould, mildew and allergens.

ReviveDRY™ eliminates these risks and is safe for your carpet, family and pets!

We use advanced, unique, microsponge technology. Millions of tiny, soft, sponge-like granules absorb dirt when agitated into the carpet fibre and are then removed by our ReviveDRY™ carpet cleaning machine. Effect: carpets are clean, dry and fresh – revived and ready for immediate use!

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Carpet Cleaning Newcastle | Carpet Cleaning Durham | Sunderland