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Eco Cleaning


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Our Cleaning Method

ReviveDRY™ is the most thorough and convenient way to deep clean your carpets with no drying time!

Thorough, because we don't cut corners. First of all we thoroughly and professionally pre-vacuum your carpets. All spots and stains are then individually treated to ensure they are removed completely, and not just merged into your carpet. Then, we use our special Dry Organic Compound to deep clean your carpet from the base up; we call them sponges because they literally absorb the dirt. We use only the best natural products on the market to give you the best results.

Convenient, because there is zero drying time! You can use the cleaned area straight away. No need to empty the room of heavy furniture, leave windows open or be careful to avoid the room until it’s dry! And because we don't use water there is no chance of shrinkage, seam splitting or bad odours - we just leave you with a bright clean, deodorised carpet featuring a rejuvenated pile.

And all this is backed up with our no quibble 100% money back guarantee!